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Audio gives you commercial +  fan engagement benefits

Increase audiences – new content via new channels

Increase revenue from partners

Relevance – be where your fans are

New assets for commercial conversations

Brand experiences – establish presence on voice channels

Add depth to sponsor relationships

Deepen engagement with fans – audio’s “superpower”

Value – repurpose existing content for audio

Why you need an Audio Strategy

Audio is your opportunity to own the most valuable piece of real estate in the world, a fan’s mind.


Weekly podcast listenership forecast to exceed 1 BILLION PEOPLE globally this year

Audio Listening

The average person in the UK listens to 12.8 hours of ONLINE audio every week. (RAJAR - Spring 2020)

Voice Assistants

30% of search requests to Amazon Alexa devices are for Sport News/Content. (Adobe Analytics)

If audio is not part of your content strategy you are missing out.

Audio is the new way to engage with fans. The boom in audio and podcast listening has created a huge opportunity for rights holders to engage with fans globally, fuelled by new delivery channels including a combination of smart speaker and voice channels.

Digital audio allows you to connect with more fans worldwide

Make audiences lean in to your content, rather than scroll past it or skip it

Audio feels deeply personal – that is it’s “superpower”

You own the content, inventory and revenue

Why you should have voice channels

Voice assistants are already in every device creating a new channel to deliver audio content directly to fans.

have been sold with Alexa assistant built in