About Us

We are a pioneering audio
production & voice technology

We help rightsholders and athletes develop their audio strategy in order to

Attract new fans

Create new
revenue streams

Innovate with
commercial partners

Increase direct
to fan engagement

For Rightsholders

We help sports rights holders create, own & control their branded audio content and data, handing fans an access-all-areas pass. From player interviews and match reactions to daily alerts and podcasts, we connect clubs, governing bodies and athletes with their fans. We also distribute your content to all audio listening platforms in all markets.

For Athletes

For athletes and individuals who wish to grow their personal brand, audio (including podcasts) is an authentic and trusted medium which delivers strong engagement.

For Commercial Activation

Audio offers exciting new opportunities for commercial partners to be integrated into the content as well as through normal sponsorship and advertising channels.

Sound is routed to your brain 20 to 100 times faster than sight.

Now you know why they start the 100 metres sprint with a bang and not a flash!